Our Objective

In any teacher training programme every student teacher is taught to be responsible to understand her duties as a teacher, equip herself with the right attitudes, develop a scientific temperament, inculcate the right values needed to adapt to the society and know her moral dedication towards this noble profession.

1. To equip teachers with all the skills needed to make teaching learning interesting and easy.
2. To build teachers who are able to develop children/students as strong citizens of the country with a scientific attitude and temperament, proper moral values, hard working sincere and true in their endeavors
3. To make students know the importance of women empowerment and their contributions to society
4. To help student-teachers know thoroughly the contents of their teaching subjects
5. To value environment, and preserve nature
6. To provide opportunities to enhance their competence and knowledge construction abilities so that they create positive teaching-learning atmosphere in schools.
7. To enable teachers to understand the philosophy and history of education and its importance to understand education and its system as they become future teachers
8. To understand child psychology and the teaching-learning processes and the importance of teaching methods and itrs implications for teaching students.
9. To help student teachers understand the use of different technologies that can be used while teaching and how to make them sound and reach the understanding of students
10. To make students plan and participate in the various co-curricular activites and extra- curricular activities and make them realize the importance of such activities in the building of personalities of the students.
11. To mould student teachers into efficient leaders helping school students become good citizens of the country.
12. To prepare dedicated teachers working for the goal of achieving total literacy in the country.